DIY : 7 Creative & Super Cool Last Minute Halloween Costumes & Accessories 2018

Are you already excited about the upcoming Halloween holiday of tricks and treats ? What are your expectations? Would it be spooky, colorful, sexy or funny this year ? Have yo chosen a theme or a costume?

If getting off-the-shelf Halloween costumes would be a bit of a bother for you right now, you could try Doing It Yourself.

The DIY costumes are usually easy, unique, and will make you stand out from the crowd at any party… what is more, many of the suggestions that you will see below are quite affordable.

Here are our favorite DIY last-minute Halloween costumes for all those party animals that want to shine:

1. Flamingo Halloween Costume

Walking into a Halloween party looking like a long-legged bird will definitely turn heads, making you look funny and sexy.

All you need to do is fold and stick some black colored paper into a cone for a
black beak, and attach it with a double sided tape or strings to your face.
For the main part of the costume, wear a pink T-shirt and a pink and white
leggings, attach pink Boas with safety pins to the top as much as you
need it to be, and you can add some to your hair.

Wear your beak with pride and you’re good to go… or fly!

2. Domino pieces

It is always fun to look at and wear this costume, especially if you’re a fan of the game. Plus, it is quite easy to make:

Wear a black T-shirt and black leggings, and stick on some white
paper circles onto your black t-shirt with a glue gun. My mom and
dad would look good in such costume.

Does it seem difficult? You don’t have the time?

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Of you can make any of the following costumes:

3. Sheep

Wear a black T-shirt with long sleeves and black leggings or jeans. Put a
white dress over the T-shirt, stick some cotton balls on the dress with fabric glue. You can add a white knit hat to the costume … and voila ! You are a sheep!

4. Stick Figure

Wear a white T-shirt on white jeans. Line your arms and legs with
a black duct tape. Draw and cut out a stickman face on a white
cardboard and make a mask out of it.

Anyone can wear and enjoy this funny Halloween costume.

5. Soda Bottles

How about being a soda bottle for Halloween?

It is easy to make this costume which can be worn by adults and kids alike.

All you need is a dress that looks cylindrical, a white felt to write the name of the soda on the dress, a pie tin and hem tape to hem the pie tin to look like the cover of the bottle.

6. Poop Emoji

If you are unable to buy a poop emoji costume, a DIY costume
could suffice. To make this poop emoji costume, you need a big white cardboard, Brown felt for the poop part, black felt for the eyes, popsicle
sticks for holding the costume up in front of your face, or strings for tying the
emoji to your body.

Make it and take it !

7. Pig

Wear a pink leotard, pink pantyhose, ballet pumps, and a pink
cloth tape tied behind as a belt for the tail. For a piggie nose, cut out the bottom of a coffee cup and stick to it a a pink cloth. Use two little round pieces of paper as nostrils. Add strings on either side of the nose to tie it to your
Kids would love this costume, and if you have up to three kids,
they could all dress up like the “three little pigs”, how exciting!

Try out any of these Halloween costumes for adults or kids, and
have fun during the holidays! Don’t forget to share the pictures.


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