DIY : 5 Tips for working with steel sheets — Build your own BMO

Hey what is up guys, today I’m going to talk about my completed panels panels for my custom BMO computer case.

Metal working is hard… Yes it’s finally here, things are finally starting to move along. This is actually my first real project working with sheet steel so I ran into a couple hiccups along the way.

I want to talk about some of tips that come out of the problems I encountered when I was working with sheet steel.

  1. Being a beginner in metal working, I didn’t take into account the bend radius for the material resulting in fitting issues early on. My design did not take into account how much space each fold might actually take.
  2. I ran into issues with rust because I went to try and clean the steel with vinegar, and ended up rusting an entire panel. So to resolve this, next time I might get galvanized steel or how I solved the situation was to just soak it in some CLR to remove the rust. Then wipe it down and sand off with fine grit sandpaper paper, I was using 300. Wipe off and it was ready to paint!
  3. I found making two bends back to back is difficult because when you clamp down the material, this means you’ll be clamping down on the first bend radius, making it easy to shift if your not using a decent metal brake.
  4. Folding flat against a sheet isn’t really possible with a metal brake. So I ended up using a 2×4 as a buffer and hammering away with my ballistic hammer to force the material a certain way until it’s flat
  5. When working with metal, if you put stress on the material at different points, you’ll likely distort the material giving it kind of the bottle cap effect where it’ll pop and flex a certain way. Be careful how you clamp your material in place and make sure that pressure is always being applied evenly throughout your material.

Check out my process video explaining it:

Anyways that’s all there is for this post, please give me an applause if you found anything in this video helpful, and feel free to subscribe to me on Youtube @kylecwong or follow me on Instagram @kyle_makes for my latest updates for this project. Next week I’m going to be working on the last hardware components to complete the build, so stay tuned for that!


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