DIY : 5 Things You MUST Consider Before Installing a Fence

There are so many reasons you should want to install a fence around your property:

· Safety

· Security

· Home Value

Fences have been shown to increase home values and raise an entire neighborhood’s value by reducing crime. They absorb sound, increasing your quality of life when in your outdoor living space. However, before you go out and buy the materials to build your own, there are 5 elements you must consider:

1. Your Neighbors

Seriously, nothing can stop a project faster than neighbors who disapprove of your big idea. They can cause a raucous with your city, or just complain loud enough for some powers at be to stop your build in its tracks.

Check with them before you even seriously consider finishes. Work collaboratively to choose the type of material, height and, if applicable, the direction of your fence. While it is ultimately your property, a scorned neighbor can be a pain. It’s best to avoid them if possible.

2. Your Yard

You’ll have to check with local utility companies to check if you have lines going through your yard. Posts for fences usually must go more than two feet deep and can cause a real situation if you accidentally dig into one.

You also need to scope out the rises and falls of your unlevel backyard, as it may mean far more work than originally thought. It could mean the ground is too rock or steep to have a stable fence. At the least, unlevel ground means more digging and measuring to ensure a level fence — because you’re not going to put in all the work to build it and have it crooked, are you?

3. Your Safety Concerns

Why are you building this fence in the first place? Do you need to consider children or pets? If so, you need to consider the size of dogs you have or may have, as well as the age of your children. If you’re still going to have younger kids running around, or own small lap dogs, you’ll have to make the space between wooden planks smaller or posts closer to the ground.

Do you have a pool? If so, you already know that it’s probably a legal requirement to install a fence around it. Check with your local ordinances, as they may require a fence directly around the perimeter of the pool or they may be alright with one just around your yard. Don’t skimp on this part, or you may have to redo your project all over again if someone comes out to inspect your handiwork.

4. Your Skill

We’re certainly not trying to be snarky, but constructing a fence is a lot of time, energy and hard work. If you haven’t worked on a project like a fence before, there are many tools and supplies that add up in cost. There will be a learning curve on the new tools, possibly leading to wasted wood…and wasted money and time.

5. Your Time

Building your own fence is certainly something that has been done before and will be done again. However, is it something that you and your family have time for? It’s an honest question, as a fence is not necessarily a project that can take a month-long recess until time is available again. If there is doubt, chat with your local fencing companies near you to see if it’s worth it. From quote time to finish, a fencing project with a trusted fence company usually take only a few weeks.

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