DIY : 5 Stepwise Guide To Tile and Grout Sealing – Lucy Willson – Medium


5 Stepwise Guide to Tile and Grout Sealing

1. Tile Cleaning

You must clean all dirt, dust, adhesive and grease from the grout. Use dishwashing liquid, water, and sponge to clean the tiles. After cleaning, you need to wait until it gets dry.

2. Mask the Tiles

Before applying sealer, you need to mask the tiles on each side of the edges along with any other material and surfaces that are nearby with masking tapes.

3. Perform Tile Sealer

Wear glasses and gloves first for safety. Shake the grout sealer bottle well and then apply the sealant along the grout using a foam brush.

4. Unmask the Tiles

Now, this is time to remove the masking tapes from tiles and other things on which you had applied masking tapes. Use a dry cloth to remove any possible bits of sealant to polish the tiles.

5. Remove Excessive Grout

Remove any possible excess grout sealer from the tiles before it cures using a dry cloth or sponge. Once you are done with all horizontal lines, now mask verticals tiles and properties with masking tape. Splash some water on to the area you have sealed to test whether the grout is properly sealed.



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