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Many of you that follow Cascio are most likely musicians already, but if you are not and have always wanted to be, this blog’s for you! Or maybe you know somebody that is on the fence, send this along to them!

Here are five reasons why you should definitely start playing…

1. Stress Reliever

If you’re struggling with the day to day stress of life, an instrument can really help. Research has shown that playing an instrument lowers the heart rate and blood pressure, which in turns lowers the stress hormone. Playing an instrument can also be a good escape from reality for a moment if you need one. An instrument can help you transcend into your own little world.

2. Sense of Achievement

By learning an instrument, you bring yourself true satisfaction. Just starting off, it seems like just hitting the right note, or perfecting basic chords is a feat. However, there’s nothing better than practicing a hard song and being able to play that song flawlessly.

3. Sharpens Your Concentration

Learning how to read music is like learning a whole new language, and it can really be a challenge. You have to understand things like key signatures, beats, rhythms, and pitch. You also have to understand how your instrument fits into a mix if you are playing in a band or ensemble. Focusing on hearing yourself and the ensemble will sharpen both your concentration skills and listening skills.

4. Teaches You Discipline

When you are learning an instrument, you have to dedicate time to practice. While you’re practicing, you need to work on the hard parts, which makes you discipline yourself. Practicing also teaches you time management and disciplining yourself to go and practice. Rather than watching another episode on Netflix, you have to make yourself take that half hour and practice your scales!

5. Makes you Happy

Since playing an instrument makes you have a sense of achievement, you feel better about yourself and it makes you happy. It is also an amazing feeling to have a crowd applaud you for providing them a great performance. Seeing the happiness on other’s faces for your success can give a real sense of gratification. Plus, you have just learned something new, so that’s great in itself!

Now go out there and get yourself an instrument! Our expert’s here at Cascio would be happy to help you pick out an instrument. Just remember that even the greatest musicians started off not knowing anything, so now is the best time to start playing.


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