DIY : 5 Innovative Ideas to Reuse Cardboard Boxes – Mark Dawson – Medium

When you decide to move, the first thing that comes to your mind is buying cardboard boxes. Of course, you will need a number of cardboard boxes for packaging. But once you have moved in to your new house, unpacked it all, then the question pops in — what to do with those empty cardboard boxes? Well you don’t need to throw them away, rather reuse them getting inspiration from these 5 innovative ideas that we have zeroed in on.

Make Coasters

Using the empty cardboard boxes, you can create handmade tea coasters. You can cut cardboard into circles or squares, whatever shape you like. Once you get the shapes, you can paint them with some floral design or decorate them with coloured papers and try to be as creative as you can get. You can also use decorative duct tape. When your coasters will get ready, you’ll be satisfied of recycling the cardboard.

Make a Playhouse For Kids

You can use empty cardboard boxes to make a playhouse. Your kids will love it. For making it, you’ll need two boxes, tape and a box cutter. Take a big box, use tape on both the sides of its flaps to prevent them from folding. This will be the floor of the playhouse. Cut away one of the sides of the box and keep it aside to use it as the roof. Take another empty box and cut a piece equal in size to the piece you kept aside for the roof. So, now you have two equal parts to create the roof. Join both of them using a tape. And then attach this roof to the first box. You are ready with a collapsible playhouse for your kids!

Make A Palette

If you love painting, then you will need paint palettes too. What better way to recycle an old cardboard box to make a palette. All you need to do is cut the cardboard in a palette shape. As for the size, you can cut it as big as you want. Cut a hole using a craft knife, for your thumb, so that you can hold it while painting. How easy it is to use a cardboard palette!

Use As Drawer Divider

For making your drawer divider, all you need is an old cardboard box, a ruler and a box cutter. Take out the drawer so that you can easily measure its length and breath. As per the dimensions of the drawer, draw lines on a piece of cardboard. As per the number of dividers you require cut out pieces in width and length from the cardboard. Using pencil and ruler mark 4 inches down into each piece to create slots. Cut on the line and create slots. Fix all the dividers with each other using the slots, and are done with your partition!

Feed Birds

Take an empty cardboard. Cut it in any shape you like. It may be a heart shape. Make a hole in it and use a thread or ribbon to loop through it so that it could be hung in your garden. Spread peanut butter on it. And then press on some bird seeds. Now you are ready to hang it on a tree branch.


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