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The summer months are fair weather for home improvement projects of all types. If you’re looking to spruce up your home during the warmer weather, here are 5 great home improvement projects to consider.

Indoor Painting

Though it may seem logical to focus all your renovation efforts on outdoor projects, summer is also a great time to give your home a fresh lick of paint. With the warmer weather you may be able to apply 2–3 coats in a single day, and re-decorating this quickly allows for more time outside in the glorious weather!

You could make the decorating process even quicker by forgoing tester pots and using a bit of tech instead. I particularly loved this free visualiser tool, which allows you to take a photo of your room and try out different shades of paint on your walls.

One thing to stay aware of is humidity. If levels are high, use a de-humidifier or a large fan to keep any excess moisture at bay.

Bathroom remodel

Another project to consider over the summer is a bathroom remodel; especially if you’re looking to retile. The warm weather will enable the grouting to dry quicker and the time indoors will allow you to escape the heat!

For any plumbing-related renovations it might be easier to get hold of a professional. Households have fewer issues with leaky pipes and frozen water-valves during summer, so plumbers are generally less busy.

If enlisting the help of a professional, summer is also a good time as you can schedule your renovations to place while you are away on your holidays.

Install a firepit

There’s no better way to round off those warm summer days than by toasting some marshmallows around a fire! A firepit will also encourage you to spend more time in your backyard during the winter and generally functions as an elegant centrepiece for your garden.

If you’re willing to engage in some DIY, installing a firepit can be relatively inexpensive. All you need is the drum from an old washing machine and some heat-resistant paint and you’re halfway there! Check out this firepit guide to learn how.


This one’s a no-brainer — summer is primetime for outdoor projects. A great place to start is with any drainage or erosion problems that you may have, as this will pay dividends when the wet season returns. Then you can start to think about installing flower beds and some lovely plants to populate them. Even the most negligent gardeners have plenty of options available to them — take a look at this guide to learn which plants are the lowest maintenance. As with any other home improvement venture, be sure to call in a pro if your planned project is especially ambitious.

Maintain your gutters

It’s not the most glamourous project, but once winter returns you’ll be glad you did it. As with plumbers, roofers are often busier in autumn and winter as they respond to more emergency repairs. Faulty guttering has the potential to spoil the appeal of any home — a quick check of your gutters in summer is advised to avoid any nasty surprises later in the year, when heavy downpours make their unwelcome return.


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