DIY : 5 DIY Makeup Tips with Essential Oils – Chetna Tripathi – Medium

Sensitive skin is such a challenge to deal with in everyday life. It gets red, itchy and very uncomfortable depending on the intensity and severity of the skin. However, before running to the nearest skincare boutique, you should consider what other elements are causing these violent reactions. Some factors can be makeup, exfoliators, hair care products, food choices and even pieces of jewelry that you wear every day.

Another inconvenience is searching for a foundation or concealer to cover up your red, irritated and flaky skin, which in some cases does not end well. So carry on in reading to find out how to treat sensitive and delicate skin.

Body Butter & Lip Balm:

Looking for a lotion is extremely difficult when you have sensitive skin. Even those labelled “Hypoallergenic” or “Gentle” may cause an allergic reaction on your skin or some actually work but are way too overpriced. So a great way to get that needed moisture without horrible side effects is to create your own. This recommended recipe is safe, inexpensive and very hydrating for your sensitive skin.

Combine one cup of shea butter, half a cup of beeswax and half a cup of coconut oil into a bowl and microwave it for two minutes until everything is completely melted together. Take it out of the microwave, add any type of essential oil (Optional) and mix well. To make the body butter place the mixture in a mixing bowl and mix on high speed until it doubles in volume and place in clean container. For the lip balm pour the mixture into a small plastic makeup pot and store in a clean area.

DIY Sunscreen:

Sunscreen is an essential part of our makeup routine. It keeps our skin protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun while providing nutrients and moisture for our skin but people with sensitive skin types think otherwise. You probably don’t buy sunscreens that often because most contain zinc oxide and other harmful ingredients that cause your skin to react. But there are other safe and natural ways like creating your own sunscreen concoction.

The recipe needs fifteen grams of coconut oil, two bags of green tea, fifteen grams of beeswax (optional), and two tablets of vitamin E (optional) and six to eight drops of carrot seed essential oil.

First combine the coconut oil and beeswax into a bowl. Next cut open the tea bags and pour the contents into the bowl and mix together. Place the bowl on a double boiler and heat until everything is melted. Afterwards, strain the mixture to remove the green tea. Add the vitamin E and carrot seed oil and mix continuously until it forms a creamy texture.


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