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A Newly Improved house

5 DIY Home Improvement Hacks

Being in your lovely old house for a long time can be quite imprisoning. Seeing that same bathroom wall every single morning brings no excitement. Have you ever thought about bringing a change to your front door? What about spending a weekend tiling your backsplash?

You don’t need to break a bank to have a change around the house. It’s time to implement the simple tips below. Be sure to customize them according to your personal preferences.

1. A Fresh Coat Of Paint

It’s the quickest way to give your house a facelift without spending a fortune. Your stucco needs repainting after every three years while the wood should not go beyond seven years.

Pick the best color to blend well with your personality. A carefully selected color can also serve to preserve memories related to the house.

Try stripe painting. The only additional tool you require is the tape measure. Get a bold accent color for the wall and a complimenting one for the stripes. The rule of the thumb in a painting is to always think outside the box.

2. A Tight Room: Install A Slide Barn Door

This arguably one of the best hack when you need more space in your tight room. Do not get intimidated by the thought of fixing a slide barn door. There are awesome Step by step tutorials on YouTube to guide you all the way.

Trust me. The relieve of finally having the much-needed space in your house supersedes the efforts you put in the task.

3. Rethink The Front Door

It’s overlooked too many times. The front door either repels or appeals to people. Decide to paint it afresh or get some new hardware. The hardware includes the glass and locks. Sometimes a total replacement may work like magic. It can transform the whole vibe of your home.

4. Try French Doors

Every space-conscious homeowner will vouch for them. Instead of the windows on the dining area or the family room, install French doors instead. By opening into a patio, they automatically transport you into a Riviera.

5. Tile Your Backsplash

The real estate dealers know this. Kitchen and the bathrooms sell. Giving these areas a new look is going to complete the new look we want to attain. The step by step process of tiling the backsplash is not complicated.

Most of the tiles will have manufacturer’s specifications. Prep the job by clearing the wall. Layering the tiles according to the procedures provided will leave you with a clean job. Ensure you finish off by applying grout sealer to avoid staining.

This amps up your kitchen in an amazing way.


Having an improved house in everyone’s dream. Getting it done, however, requires hard work. The final look is worth getting your hands dirty. The above points are precise and practical ways of revamping your home. Always remember it’s prudent to engage a skilled artisan especially when dealing with complex tools. Safety first!


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