DIY : 5 DIY Face Masks for Winter Skin – Alexandra Hontalas-Adams – Medium

Kiss your winter skin woes goodbye with the help of these simple home remedies.

Winter weather can bring a whole host of skin problems, dryness, flaking, and irritated etc. But you don’t need to waste your money on overpriced serums or subject yourself to harsh chemical treatments to get your healthy glow back. Save money and time with these simple DIY face masks.

These masks are made from all-natural ingredients found in your kitchen. However, everyone’s skin is different, so I would recommend doing a patch test on your arm before you slather the concoction all over your face. Just because you don’t have an allergic reaction to something when you eat it doesn’t mean it can’t irritate your skin.

*Also, this can get a little messy, so you might want to apply the masks over a sink.


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