Wear it: Flower crowns started to show up in our social news feeds around 2012 and by now they’ve become ubiquitous in every music festival, bachelorette party and maternity photo shoot out there. They look delicate, whimsical and OH SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! If you want to feel like a forest fairy, you will only need floral wire and tape, a pair of floral pliers and your blooms bouquet. All of the flowers in it will compliment each other perfectly, so half of the work is done for you, thank you very much!

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Gift it: Ahhhh, the gift of giving…what is more exciting than seeing your loved one´s eyes sparkling with joy after receiving a great present? Nothing! Especially when the gift arrives out of the blue, without expecting it. This time, be generous and pass your bouquet onto someone else. You will feel great and so will they, it´s a win-win!

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Make bath bombs: Feel accomplished and relaxed after repurposing your old bloomon bouquet! With a couple of very easy to find ingredients and some good smelling flowers (roses work really good for example), you can make your own bath bombs. Don’t forget to Instagram it, too

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Frame it: Pressing flowers might have been your grandma’s favorite pastime, but the result does not have to look dated anymore. If you don’t believe us, have a look at this pictures, do you get the same Pacific- North West vibes we do?

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Enjoy it: Anxiously wait for it at home, get it, smell it, put it in a vase, look at it, feel good, take a pic of it, send said picture to your mom and repeat next week…

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