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No marketing department needed.

When I first began planning for my business, I saw the countless marketing operations that successful businesses were executing and I got overwhelmed. My thoughts were “these people have a whole marketing department, how am I going to do it all by myself?”. Then I discovered the numerous tools created for someone like me, who do not have their own marketing department.

If you are a small business, like myself, I strongly encourage you to take a look at your most time consuming and overwhelming tasks and find a tool to aid in the process. Before I began my business, I found the most common online tools among small businesses and then I chose the ones which would be beneficial for me, a one-man shop.

Need a website but have no coding experience?
For a small monthly fee, Squarespace, a CMS (Content Management System), allows you to create a pleasing website based off their attractive website templates. These templates can then be modified in many ways so that you may effectively portray your brand. The service also includes integration with various widgets and apps to create a better user experience.

No idea how to start a newsletter?
Newsletters are used by the most successful marketers. Why? People enjoy a connection and conversion. This can be very time consuming once your audience grows. The only way to scale those conversations is to create conversational content and distribute that content. This usually comes in the form of a newsletter. A newsletter allows you to have continuous communication with your audience. With MailChimp, you are able to reach a large audience and generate aesthetically pleasing emails with the ability for the audience to opt in and out of the newsletter. Side note: MailChimp is free up to 2,000 subscribers.

Looking for more engaging social media posts?
There are many tools in this arena but the one I use is Canva. With this free software, you can create artwork that looks like it came from a professional graphic designer. You can use this software to aid in the creation of more engaging content for your blog, newsletter, website, reports, etc.

Following up is too time-consuming?
The article that I wrote, Want to have a higher lead conversion rate? You better be doing this, highlights how important it is to follow up with leads and connections. If you are following up, which you should be, Boomerang for Gmail makes it easy. You are able to use the ‘send later’ feature to schedule follow-up emails and the ‘boomerang this’ feature to bring the message back to your inbox if the receiver has not responded in a certain amount of days. This allows you to keep ‘top of mind’ status with your audience without keeping tabs on what messages need to be sent at what times. We have enough going on, right? Why not make our lives a little easier?

Results: This is what everyone really cares about, right? With tools like these, you are able to spend less time and money on marketing your business and more time fulfilling your companies mission. You may not be able to afford a marketing department but if you use these tools effectively, it may appear as if you have one.

Remember, there are many tools out there. I am not saying these are the best. These are the tools that currently work best for my company. Every company’s needs are different. Do your research or reach out to me if you would like any guidance.


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