DIY : 3 questions to ask yourself before you do it yourself

To DIY or not to DIY? 3 simple questions to ask yourself

My friend Greg gave a talk recently on the concept of DDIY: Don’t Do It Yourself. He offers some simple principles to decide whether he will take on a DIY project:

1| Do some math: How much would it cost to outsource this job? How much will it cost to do it myself including supplies?

2 | Do I have room to store the supplies? This is a huge factor for those of us living in small spaces.

3 | Do I WANT to dedicate the hours needed to learn this particular skill, or would I rather be learning something different in that time?

4 | Is the skill reusable enough that learning it even makes sense, or am I just going to need it once and then never again?

I’ve decided to DIY. Now what?

If you decide to go the DIY route, take advantage of cost-saving measures:

Connect with your community: post on or a local facebook group to crowdsource equipment. You wouldn’t believe how many people have DIY supplies lying around that they’d love for someone else to get use out of.

Go second-hand. Lots of cities have used hardware and lumber supply shops. My city even has a sewing supplies reuse shop including huge pieces of fabric and leather, and a whole rack of yarns that people didn’t end up needing.

Ask around for people who have skills in this area. What are assets that you could offer them in exchange for their help? As a small person, I need help with heavy lifting. I can offer help with things that normally cost $$$ to outsource like house-sitting while people are on vacation.

Use shopping lists. Don’t buy ANYTHING unless you know exactly what you are going to use it for. Buying things I didn’t have a purpose for has been my downfall, turning a beneficial DIY project into a money suck.


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