DIY : 3 Easy Ways to Deal with Drafty Windows – Miller Matt – Medium

Beat winter’s grip with these simple ideas

Do you feel a cool breeze every time you walk by your window? Here are some tips on how to temporarily help with those old, drafty windows.

How did those windows get so drafty in the first place?

As windows age, the house around it shifts. The frame may shift to be slightly unlevel, creating a gap between the window and its ledge. Wood warps especially in wet and humid climates, making harsher winters especially nasty to combat inside.

More commonly, however, is the window itself needs to be re-glazed or even completely replaced thanks to the warming and freezings, opening and closings it goes through during its lifetime. If your home has original windows, they’re more than likely ready to be replaced. However, that can be a pricey endeavor.

If you don’t have the budget for new windows, we have some ideas for you.

Short-Term DIY Projects

Heavy curtain set

New Curtains: This is a great option if you’re renting, or just haven’t found the excuse yet to spend the money in your home. It may be surprising to consider but curtains can make a big difference in energy bill costs.

Thick, energy-efficient curtains can help reduce the draft with their insulated fabric. Of course, you have to keep them closed for this method to be effective. As a bonus, they’ll add a bit of style to your home.

Window Film before window repair

Window Film: The kits complete with double-sided tape and a thicker version of plastic wrap can be purchased at any hardware store cheaply. They only require a pair of scissors, a hairdryer and a bit of time.

To winterize with this method, you just cut the plastic to go a bit over the size of the window and secure it with the tape. Then, you apply the heat from the hair dryer to the wrap to seal the system. This application certainly isn’t as stylish as a set of new curtains but they are a bit more complete. It’s a simple, easy solution. The film can even be kept on all year-round because it can reduce the heat that comes into your home during the summer.

Draft snake

Draft Snakes: These heavy fabric tubes perform well if your draft it really coming from the bottom of the window. They act as a hefty blanket against the bottom of your window, blocking the wind and keeping the area warm. Draft snakes are relatively cheap or can be made easily with an old tube sock and uncooked rice or beans.


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