DIY : 22 Creative Projects – My 22nd Year of Life – Mark Unger – Medium


For my 22nd birthday I gifted myself a challenge; over the next 12 months I will venture to develop and complete 22 independent creative projects. To succeed in completing endeavors ranging from short-lived and tactile to lasting and nebulous will require the incredible creativity of some of my closest friends.

Artistic Companions

As ideation proceeds and a list of opportunities is scribbled across napkins and notebooks I find myself smiling over the table time and time again. These wonderful humans who have entered my life and whom I call friends push me and provide me with the support to better my practice. Without them, there would be no art. Without them, there would be no light.


For me, this artistic exploration is an opportunity to convalesce. Each brush stroke, key press, coffee conversation, shutter stop, embrace, is a step in the direction of self-improvement. I certainly wont love every product of the next year’s misadventures but I must learn to love the process if I hope to continue to express my life through art.


As this process begins there will undoubtedly be waves of challenges. Continuous and unrelenting tides of frustrations that the result is nothing compared to the product it’s meant to resemble. Exhaustion as there are insufficient hours in the day to suffice the hunger to create. And most personally, the difficulty of following through. A creative endeavor offers its greatest moments for growth once the road turns to dirt and the journey brings less joy. That is when I must learn to continue to take steps along the rough and winding road.

Parameters and Thoughts

Medium will serve as my polygraph, timeline, and sounding board. Each project will be chronicled here, both for myself and those seeking inspiration. The next step will require a great amount of focus and resolve. I’m delighted you can join me on this journey.


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