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Ever thought of wrapping a wine bottle… in socks?

How about egg crates, with a rebel goth rabbit detail? 🤘

2018’s best gift wrap ideas exhibit outside-the-box creativity. 😝 They are made with inexpensive, easy to get materials, some of which you might already have. All of this gift wrap can be sourced second-hand, and most can be reused.

These are also easy. A lot of the ideas I loved were a little too involved for me *cough*. We’re skipping those.

Row 1:

  1. Sock-wrapped wine bottles here


2. Cookie mason jar here


3. Dish towel wrapping paper here

Hint: Silk scarves and fabric scraps work, too. To prevent fraying, edge with pinking shears.

Row 2

4. Old book pages and string here

Other beautiful found pages include sheets of music, kids’ coloring pages (with permission, obvs.), and graph paper.


5. This goth rabbit egg crate, for the rebel in your life. 😍

Another example, this time with a takeout box:

Write a holiday greeting or the person’s initials on the box

Perk: These are compostable!

6. Hand-drawn mason jar with dried flowers here

Source brown paper from leftover Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods bags.

Variation: Use fresh greens from around your yard. Holly would look great!

Row 3

7. Feather decorations from here

Make the feathers yourself from paper scraps.


8. Newspaper rose here.

Source brown paper from leftover Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods bags.


9. Unconventional baskets. Ever think about making your own gift basket… from a mug?

There are so many incredible mugs and bespoke china teacups at the thrift store in new condition. Other ideas: baskets made of glass pitchers, tin cans and buckets.


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