DIY : 15 DIY Influencers to Check Out For Back To School Season

Our Latest ACTIVATE Studio Curated List: Keep Calm & DIY

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Summer is out and the holidays are here! Well, almost — and we’re excited to bring you a flurry of influencers serving up decor inspiration daily. Whether you’re redecorating your child’s bedroom or decking the halls for a holiday party, there are crafts for everyone and branded opportunities to be incorporated into content.

Source: ACTIVATE Platform, Studio Curated Lists

We recently introduced our latest ACTIVATE Studio curated list, Keep Calm & DIY, on the ACTIVATE platform, to highlight some of our favorite creators!

We encourage companies to make their brand stand out in a unique and natural way, giving creators freedom to do what they do best — create. This is especially important during the holiday season when countless brands are spreading the word across social. There are so many niche types of DIY influencers — from home decor to food to costumes, you name it! Their followers are loyal and looking to each of them for their next “how-to” project. With the holidays quickly approaching, one of these influencers could be a great fit when crafting your campaign!

Check out a few of our fave DIY influencers below and then click here to view the rest on the ACTIVATE Discover page!

PHOTO: @tatertotsandjello

Name: Jen

Following: 105K

Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Niche: DIY Decor and fun recipes


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