DIY : 10 DIY Techniques That Can Help You Clean Your House

Few of us like cleaning the house, but we all like a nice clean and tidy place to live once you have invested in concrete grinding on your Brisbane homes, floor, it will look so nice that you will want to keep the rest of the place looking its best to match it.

These tips on how professionals, clean houses may help you clean quickly and efficiently so you have more time to relax.

1. Created a workable Schedule You Can Stick TO

Set up your own regular cleaning schedule at a time that is best suited to your lifestyle and stick to it, always finish the job.

2. Be Motivated

Often cleaning is boring and you need to be motivated to do it so you’re not distracted by other more interesting things. Do your cleaning while playing your favorite music or get a talking book to listen to.

3. Use the Right Clothes

Wear clothing that is designed for cleaners such as overalls that fit you comfortably and footwear that provides the support you need and have all the necessary proactive gear ready to use.

4. Have the Right Tools

Don’t buy the gimmicky stuff you see on TV, get the tools the professionals use. Good quality tools that have been proven and will last for years, it will make the job quicker and far less expensive.

5. Simplify Your Supplies

You really only need four basic cleaning supplies for ordinary cleaning

  • Powdered abrasive cleaners
  • Heavy-duty grease cutting or degreasing cleaners
  • Tile and bathroom cleaners
  • A light duty evaporation cleaner that works on glass and other surfaces

All the rest is just unnecessarily expensive and impractical

6. Have a Cleaning tool Tray or Bag

This is just efficient; you should have all your cleaning gear within reach and easily taken with you so you are not running around looking for stuff.

7. Minimize Your Movements

Start in one area and do everything there before taking another step so you can make every move count and are not wasting time or energy walking around in circles.

8. Tidy and Remove Clutter Before You Clean

When there is clutter and stuff everywhere you can’t clean properly or efficiently. Each horizontal service should be clear with things put away in their right places.

9. Teamwork

When the whole household works together to tidy then clean it is much more efficient and more enjoyable than one person left to do it all. Just like a concrete grinding job in Brisbane when the whole team pulls together the job is done in no time.

10. Use both hands

A professional cleaner will have a brush in one hand and a cloth in the other so once scrubbed it can be wiped before moving to the next area. It may take a little practice, but soon you will be able to clean just like a pro and have your home spotless in no time.

Cleaning house like a professional requires organization and a proper working schedule. Make it a team effort starting by decluttering and putting everything away, then finishing one area before moving on. Use professional tools, the minimum cleaning agents and set the whole job to music so the job rocks.


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