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Wulet Architecture.

Lets consider the architecture of the WULET ecosystem. The platform is a combination of a blockchain and a classic enterprise solution, which integrates them. For a better understanding of the platform architecture, it is useful to consider it from different angles: external world subjects interaction and platform modules interaction. It is also useful to present the architecture at different levels of abstraction: from the most general representation to the consideration of particular modules and solutions.

Subjects and interaction among them shows the interaction among the participants of the ecosystem:

  • Loyalty tokens issuer is a partner of a platform that plans to launch or already has a loyalty program. Partners differ in the way they interact with the platform: there are partners with the existing loyalty program and those that implement (or transfer) a loyalty program on the WULET platform.
  • Loyalty tokens consumer could be the same partners as issuers or other organizations that accept payment (or partial payment) for loyalty tokens. The platform will create a single platform for the sale of goods for loyalty tokens.
  • Exchange is a service for converting loyalty tokens. It is part of the platform. It allows holders of loyalty tokens to exchange points for WU tokens and acquire loyalty points for WU tokens.
  • Customers end point users that own or can receive tokens, and also change convert on the exchange and pay for their goods.


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