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One might wonder how TMT bars can be a good news for the environment, the fact of the matter is the most TMT bars are made of steel. Steel is the most recycled material on the planet, one of the reasons for it is the fact that recycled steel does not experience any loss in quality or strength. Steel is so popular for recycling, that in the year 2017 more steel was recycled that all the other recyclables combined. When talking pure numbers, just by recycling 1 kg of steel, it can cause reduction of 2 kgs of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Recycling steel also reduces the spread of landfill, as the materials can get reprocessed, thereby saving raw materials.


The steel industry has generally has become more environmentally friendly, water used in the steel-making process can be cleaned making them 99% reusable. Another byproduct called slag, which used to be dumped has since been used in cementing process. The steel industry has halved its carbon footprint since the 1960’s making them an environmentally friendly industry. The steel industry made itself into a non-waste producing company and their products to follow the same model.


Perfect for all weathers, steel can help owners by consuming less energy to heat up the house during winters. In the summertime, steel can bring down humidity naturally, so the home would require less power to cool the home. This helps to save money and reduce the carbon footprint of the entire home.


Building with steel generally reduces the number of raw materials needed and also reduces the manpower. This faster rate of completion means a overall lower consumption of multiple resources. Steel is has changed the construction sectors in ways more than one, if used correctly, it can last forever, not affected by rust, it can withstand heat and rot, unlike others. Steel will continue its impact on the construction sectors and its positive effects on the environment.


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