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Planning to build a garden room? Did you make a checklist of the requirements? You better learn a few things and act wisely before starting off.

It is always nice to have extra utilisable space in our house and if it is about transforming a part of our garden into a luxury room; what could be more interesting? Having a garden room in your house can be beneficial as it can serve you in different ways, such as a guest room, an art studio, a personal gym, a store room, or a room for other activities.

Garden rooms are usually insulated and double glazed, which makes them a viable option for year-round usage. The most attractive feature of a garden room is that they are available in a wide range of styles and sizes, which makes them suitable for all kinds of gardens having different usable spaces.

Before you start planning and making preparations for the construction of the most awaited addition in your garden, you are advised to go through the essentials. Some key considerations about garden buildings are listed below for your convenience so that you do not start off unprepared:

  • Decide the style — The two main style categories that you may find while choosing garden room designs are contemporary and traditional. Contemporary styles are characterised by crisp lines and large glass panes. The roof designs are either flat or single pitch covered with modern finishes.

On the contrary, traditional designs are marked by either gable roofs or hipped roofs with cedar shingle or clay tile coverings. These designs also incorporate casement windows and doors which work well with verandas and balustrades.

  • Get hold of legal terms — You might think that garden rooms are your own personal affairs and the state laws would be indifferent but no; before you start the construction process, you have to be mindful of the legal requirements pertaining to garden buildings. It is a wise idea to check with your local planning office whether you need to apply for permission or not.
  • Clear conception of time-frame — The time taken by the contractors to build/install a garden room depends on several factors like the size of the room, the site of installation, the contractor, etc. Some contractors work with a team of professionals who could get the job done in a few days while other companies may take weeks.

If you are planning to build a garden room then be sure to keep the above points under consideration. A systematic planning is always beneficial and you might use some suggestions of professional builders from Dublin.


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