Architecture : The programatic understanding of your code, product and entrepreneurial idea

Now, your furnished apartment is simply the materialisation of your idea, your design skills, your effort and your money to buy all these stuff you have now.

And that’s pretty much a company product. Every feature you have is like a piece of furniture. Some of them you need them asap. Some of them might don’t look good or fit well with others. For some of them you will prefer to wait a bit until you find the one and for others, if you are frivolous, you might waste your money. They might be difficult to replace, nice, ugly, resilient, fast outdated, fragile, extremely useful, not so useful, totally used, seldom used, fancy, modern, old. Anything.

And that’s exactly your features in your product.

You could have a nice, big, corner sofa. Difficult to replace but very useful and resilient as material. But for sure:

Every piece of furniture gets old or worn out. The same as software does.

You will replace a broken coffee machine with a new better one. But definitely you don’t need 3 coffee machines in your kitchen. Same with your product’s features.

And the quality and the material of your furniture? Well that’s similar your product’s software. It starts shiny when brand new and then gets old.


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