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The metaphorical sweetshop of infrastructure is bigger than ever. Everyday a new way to solve the same problem appears. How do we as normal human beings make the sensible choice?

I propose we all exercise a little mindfulness in the way we research, design and utilise infrastructure.

Take a moment to think;

Why am I making this decision?

Do I need to make it now?

What will this decision cost me in the future?

Why should you be mindful of the decisions you make, whether you’re a developer working within a large enterprise, a CTO of a fast moving startup or an all round hacker “polymath” developing and architecting on the side. Every decision you make will have an affect.

This blog is all about architecture. Established and bleeding edge. Niche and Mainstream. It’s about ways of thinking and patterns. I’m sorry you won’t find any ‘code porn’ here. But, I do promise to try and make any practical posts bulletproof.

In the end it is just boxes, fluffy clouds and lines.


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