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In the ever-changing paradigm of architecture, there are various ways by which meaning is induced in architecture. Typically, Perception plays an important part in our daily life, and designers, how we read objects around us is what effects how we work. Whether it is art ; How do we recognize it or popular cars; how we distinguish them and of course, land mark architecture;. how do we perceive it. We rely on our perception to shape our view which is further shaped by people who seek to us for profit essentially weather it is advertisements for cars, explanations about art, mythologies around food, and other marketing tools.

Communication in various forms helps to orchestrate a ‘significant’ world today. Victor Hugo belives that ‘the city is a writing and, we, the users of the city are the readers’. HOWEVER…THE STUFF WE READ DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT and women of course are not even a part of this world! The news papers are full of everything in the banality of daily life but architecture, buildings, real estate, and design is far, far away. ARCHITECTURE, stays WITHIN THE CLOSED CONFINES OF DESIGN MEDIA, IS ALMOST NEVER READ OUTSIDE THE PROFESSION. In the daily rut of life, we rarely ever pause to read the architecture around us, reflect and think about why certain buildings are made in a certain way, because it is never sold to us; in fact we are never told why these buildings and design are important in our life unless when we are told to observe “TAJ MAHAL DEKHLO” , “Look- the Eiffel Tower or The Airtel Building“.

Further, most attention is sought by ‘star architects’ or the so called master architects and therefore, the regular design in our daily life is not packaged and sold to us as ‘wow architecture’. Women in this realm, are SELDOM NOTICED OR EVEN UNDERSTOOD, FORGET BEING TALKED ABOUT. As professionals, we don’t even engage in discourse with our own offices, our teams, and of course the society at large. Whether it is a paucity for time, to document or to think and curate and then of course engage in discourse, who has the time to do this?

WE KEEP COMPLAINING OF THE PITIFUL STATE OF OUR BUILT ENVIRONMENT. “We don’t realize that city building is critical, it is architects and designers like you and me who shape our built environment and our contribution therefore needs to be conveyed, curated and communicated for the common man, not just for the profession, but for the society at large”. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT WE WRITE OUR OWN HISTORY AND NOT LEAVE IT TO A FEW handful of ICON-MAKERS to usurp the architecture agenda. THOSE ENGAGING IN MAKING THE PLACES WE INHABIT 99% OF THE TIME> DON’T TALK ABOUT their work and therefore they don’t get talked about. Their contribution is unseen and therefore considered unimportant. It does not form a part of daily conversations

We really need to talk about the good work that we do every single day. And, all this talking is not to be known and like Michael Jackson said “It’s for you and for me and for the future of our cities”.

Are you ready to move away from talking about sex- talking about design and architecture instead?


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