Architecture : Sony builds an experimental park in Ginza – Sony Reconsidered

Now this idea isn’t new — Apple has been doing it for some time now, most notably in San Francisco:

though you can find that thought process take different forms at various stores:

While I often given credit to Sony doing their own unique thing instead of chasing what others are doing, this is one instance where I’m glad Sony is pursuing something others like Apple have begun to do. If Sony wants to survive in this new age of shopping where consumers want to have a connection with the brands they’re buying from, a destination like Sony Park can go a long way towards capturing mindshare which is what it’s all about.

Sony park concept

Neither Apple, nor Sony, makes any money or should make any direct money from having a green space, open Wi-Fi (unclear if the Sony Park has this), and other various free events. However, what Sony gets from this is that the next time somebody asks you what cool new things you’ve seen, that perhaps you mention aibo which roams around certain parts of the park and that cool Sony dog is what comes to mind when you’re browsing various headphones and are trying to decide which to buy.

Beyond those subtle ways of marketing, a growing demographic wants to feel close to the brands they shop with and make sure they share similar values before handing over their hard-earned money. A space like this can go a long way towards communicating brand values and win over consumers who have an infinite number of ways and brands to shop with.


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