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An awesome new toy showed up at our driveway today!

Hitachi excavator

Sh*t just got real. Today we officially begin demolition. The entire garage wing goes away — from floor all the way to the roof.

[ If you see ‘Do Not Track (DNT)’ message in the video below just click the ‘Show embed’ button to continue watching]

The opening move

I had never seen an actual demolition of a residential home before so this was eye opening for me.

It costs roughly $1,500/day to rent one of these bad boys, not including the labor cost of the operator. There’s definitely both a technical and an artistic side to using these machines.

First the operator tears, then he breaks them into smaller pieces, compacts them, and then haul them to the dump bin.

Grab and throw

I am absolutely amazed (newbie here) at how versatile these excavators are. This next shows how well they work in breaking and hauling.

Master at work

The crew took care to protect debris from over-flowing to the neighbor’s side by putting a plastic barricade.

Workers uses a cylinder ‘hammer’ to plant the poles into the ground
Neighbors now ‘protected’
View from the neighbor’s side
Most of the garage is demolished

While the garage was going down we still wanted to keep the main building. Here’s where it got tricky. We couldn’t use the excavator to pull down the part of the garage that was connected to the main building. Doing so would damage a critical joist that supported the roof.

What do we do for this section?

The crew got together to discuss options. In the end, they settled on having a few guys manually pull down the remaining pieces.

The next part was to tear the concrete floor. Our end goal is to create crawl space underneath the new replacement structure. Unfortunately I had to leave so I couldn’t document this part.

But the results are in. The connecting pieces have been removed and some of the concrete has been torn today.

Natalie on top of the concrete debris
Crew did a good job separating the connecting pieces while retaining the critical support pieces
The trash container was completely full

Still more to come on Monday. Next task is to tear up the remaining concrete and then dig a crawl space for the new wing.


Next: Part 7 — [Coming soon]


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