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When making a new building, many people focus entirely on the inside of the new building but tend to not think as much about the outside of their building, including the roof. And when it comes to determining what type of roof, there a number of different options available. Roofs are usually divided into three different classifications: Low-pitch, pitched, or flat. People in areas like Norfolk prefer to install flat roofs. But there are a number of options available in flat roof constriction also.

Flat roofs can indeed keep a building dry in a different way than others. Choosing flat roofing in Norfolk for your building can not only reduces expenses but can add value to the entire building. The good thing about having a flat roof is the accessibility it provides. If compared to other roofing options, flat roofs are more accessible because they do not have a large slope. With flat roofs, then there is less probability that an individual will slip while on a flat roof in comparison to the slanted or sloping roof.

There are mainly three types of flat roofing systems:

Built-up Roofs

This is the traditional method with layers of waterproof material in between the layers of hot tar. This type of roofing looks attractive and is less expensive than other methods.

Bitumen Roofs

The Bitumen Roofs are lightweight and made up of a single ply rolled roof impregnated by a mineral-based topcoat as a wear surface. It is moderate in price and safer to install.


This type of flat roofing system is also called a rubber roof. It is very durable and resists both tearing and sunlight damage. Installation comes with many choices including glue down, ballasted with stone and anchoring with fasteners.

Understanding the existing types of flat roofing systems will help you in choosing the best for you.

And if you need flat roofing services in Norfolk, then contact East Anglia Roofing Services. They are a reliable source to get the roofing services in a cost-effective manner.


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