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We are excited to share the most impressive iOS-talks of the MBLT DEV 2018. Please find more information about the agenda here and join us on the 28th of September in Moscow!

John C. Fox, Netflix: Building World-Friendly Mobile Apps

On Jan 6, 2016, Netflix expanded its service to nearly 200 countries, becoming the first truly global television network. The Netflix app for iOS is localized in 28 languages, and the developers’ team is constantly working to refine the experience across a number of fronts. In his talk John will discuss how Netflix approaches: high-quality localization, dealing with hostile network conditions, A/B testing and more.

Ellie Shin, Uber: Putting Your App on a Diet

Is your app written in Swift or are you considering rewriting your app in Swift? Are you adding more and more features to your app, and getting worried about your app size blowing up? If so, reducing your app size should be on your radar. Keeping your app size small will also help keep your app more performant thus be more attractive to users. This talk will go over binary size analysis and optimizations we used at Uber, as well as general tips and tricks you can apply to your app.

Krzysztof Zabłocki, The New York Times: iOS Application Architecture

Dive into the things that really matter for maintainable architecture in iOS apps:

Design Patterns are part of your toolbox, but you need to be pragmatic,


ViewController is part of a View layer in both patterns,

The biggest mistake people make with both patterns -> lack of router,

Details about what Flow Coordinator is and how it fits those patterns.

Nikolay Volosatov, AppMetrica: Private API: the Dark Side of iOS Development

Nikolay is going to share his team ‘crime and punishment’ story: why they had to use iOS Private API in AppMetrica SDK development and what happened after that. He will also cover some aspects of penetration and security practices and share AppMetrica team experience on data and code protection

Ben Pious, Uber: When Syntactic Sugar Goes Sour

Swift’s goal is to be safe enough for applications programming, fast enough for systems programming, interoperate seamlessly with Objective-C, productive enough for scripting and machine learning, and easy enough to teach to children. In the language designer’s own words, “World Domination.” But what’s the cost of these competing priorities? In this talk, we’ll see how some of the most entertaining and interesting consequences of these conflicting priorities played out in Uber’s multi-million line Swift codebase: Objective-C interop went horribly wrong, a seemingly reasonable design failing because of seemingly arbitrary type system restrictions, and a harrowing example of a bug in the Swift type-checker becoming an integral part of an important library.

Ilya Velilyaev, Revolut: Abstraction from UIKit. Creating Screens without Inheriting from UIViewController

We’ll talk about different approaches to creating similar-looking screens. We will compare them from different perspectives: the time needed to implement one; how easy it is to edit; re-using of logic; testability.


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