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A quote by William Cowper, “Variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavor. “ A monotonous life is not a desire but to live on non-repetitive terms one ought to add variations to one’s living.

This attraction to multiplicity connected me to the field of Architecture which inherits a range of diverse components. During the last years of my bachelor’s, I was evoked with the interest in green sustainable buildings. But back then I had a blurred focus on the same. My lens was restricted to short range which captured only space, its orientation, rainwater harvesting and utilisation of locally available materials. However when I was upgraded to a professional wide angle zoom lens (placement)I got a better clear picture which had missed certain features earlier. It accentuated that green and sustainable are not one but two independent characters although working on the same platform.

The clarity achieved from the wide angle,zoomed my interest further towards the performance of the building. As I was upgrading from one lens to the other of higher quality (work profile) I noticed that a collection (knowledge/awareness) was stacking up which helped me intensify the script behind the creation of a high performance building. It is not a model of few pixels (systems/components) but a range of them. For instance, space planning/orientation, energy saving systems, comfort (indoor environment),air quality,beautification,consideration of human health and more to add on.

A quote by Wendell Berry, ’The earth is what we all have in common.” Our earth is termed as the “Mother Earth” and we humans as her children. A mother fails to stand strong when she has been wrenched profusely (haphazard/unthought assembly) by some of her own hard-hearted children. Its time when her other soft-hearted children mutate themselves into a protective brigade. I wish to be one of them, desperate to lessen her sufferings to the extent of my abilities. The collapse of nature will leave the humans powerless even though equipped with technology. In connection with the above I recollect a quote by Linda Poindexter that states, “If not her children, who will wipe off the sad face of Mother Earth?”

In the phase of modernization and development, humans have created beautiful structures however have ignored the ugliness they have given in return to our surroundings later affecting the human existence (health).I aim to strategize towards the formation of smart buildings which will eventually lead to a want of smart cities and urban gardens which will enable humans to counter the challenge of environmental degradation to an extent.

Every Architect has his/her own set of jewels in form of design and planning. At times to enhance them more, they are required to be fitted along with other precious stones. On similar lines, I wish to go beyond space design and planning to understand the working of a building envelope as a whole to beautify the space more not only in terms of looks but also by its performance which will not only nurture the humans but also the environment. I want to meet the challenges posed by urbanization and quality of governance for equitable socio-economic growth, which captivate my interest time.

Today in the mad rush of life it is more important than ever for passion and profession to meet.DO YOU AGREE??

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