Architecture : Important Steps for Building Design and Construction

When it comes to designing and construction, most people tend to look for the best service provider that can deliver the best construction services. However, people have a strong temptation to dive straight into home remodeling projects. There is no arguing the fact that design contractors and professionals run their businesses in a way different than others. But, homeowners should choose a service provider that can help them during the phase of construction. Here are the important steps that help you plan for a successful home renovation.

1. Choose a Good Design Professional: In order to create a plan and a complete scope of work, a lot of property owners hire either an interior designer or an architect and in most cases, both. Every company does things in a unique way and designing usually differs in each state. Most designers work on projects that don’t involve any kind of structural work or additions, and also provide assistance with the selection of material and color.

2. Creating Plan: After selecting the best design firm, make sure you start making a plan. There are usually two and sometimes three good ways that you can use reach your design goals. These plans, however, involve a rough layout of the floor plan and some basic views of the exterior of the home. Most design professionals take a bit more time, and then usually a week or two to consider them and make decisions. On the contrary, if the project is larger or the owner of the house wants additional changes then the whole process can take several months.

3. Proper Estimation: Once a final design has been selected, contractors are usually brought into the process. There is at least a fundamental idea of how the home will look from the outside, a floor plan and some preliminary material selections. With this much information, it’s somewhat possible to offer preliminary estimates of cost.

There is no arguing the fact that a lot of contractors are often asked to evaluate the schematic design which is an essential part of the interview process. It may take a couple of weeks or more to set up the interviews in order to receive the estimates.

4. Do Shopping: If you are one of those who like to shop, then maybe you will be overwhelmed by all varieties and want professional input. Always keep this in mind that do not underestimate the things that you need, ranging from windows and doorknobs to countertops and light fixtures. If you really want to keep a handle on your project cost, then the best way is to choose every last thing ahead of construction.

Avail your permits: The process of permitting usually depends on your project scope and where it’s located, permitting can take a day, months or even years. You should have some basic knowledge ahead of filing for permits about the length of the process, which will help you identify a likely start date for your project. Talking about the permit fees, it can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the location of your project.


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