Architecture : Digital Marketing ….. A way to refresh my Architectural Career

Graduated with a bachelors in architecture and having experienced 5 years in the field. I managed to learn a lot about how the urban industry works, admitting to how my perspective on life changes towards a direction I would have never suspected. I found my self-wanting to educate on the premises of what Urban Architecture is rather than the rapid growth of commercialized architecture.

The root of architecture “Pure Culture” (Illustration: Saif Sultan AL-Busaidi)

To my surprise I found myself investing most of my creativity towards creating and designing logos for startups, to eventually redirecting to what my initial plan in furthering my architectural qualification towards a direction in marketing. Feeling at a loss at the choice between the two, I set off to find grounds to work on both. I decided since the pair required a sense for creativity, I deemed marketing as the solution to build awareness and educate individuals on what Urban Architecture.

Finding my way (Illustration: Saif Sultan AL-Busaidi)

I set out to find the means to make my ambitions a reality. Just like the start of anything new narrowing down your findings is no easy task. I researched online for months at a time stopping for months up until I was lucky enough to stumble across a scholarship program for a nano degree course in digital marketing and it ticked all the right boxes. The Udacity Digital Marketing nano degree promises to grant me access to a wide range of resources, extensive support from large companies and lots more.

Following my find, I took part in the short assessment process and managed to enroll in the program.

A month into the Udacity program, easily accessing it through their website under the classroom tab, it granted me access to a wide variety of resources taught with the use of short videos, texts, and resources. Finalizing each lesson with a short quiz, an excellent lesson recap, and a short project ending every individual chapter. At this stage, I covered marketing fundamentals, content strategy, and social media marketing extensively but in a good way. What I enjoyed most about the program is the online social community provided by the Slack and the weekly online session with a dedicated mentor whom I can easily reach.

(Illustration: Saif Sultan AL-Busaidi)

Looking forward, hoping to come out of it an experienced digital marketer to harness all that I have learned towards making my ambitions a reality.


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