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Architecture and construction are the areas where an efficient work process is the key factor of successful project delivery. That’s why thoughtful organization of workflow and strict compliance with it is crucial. It is hardly possible without special architect project management software — here is our selection of the best tools that will help project managers create, monitor and manage work process.

1. Outplanr

Outplanr offers work management and project planning features. It allows to create tasks for staff members, set priorities, start dates, and planned durations. What’s important for the architectural area, it also allows uploading files into the tool. For project planning and management, the tool provides workload balancing, shared events, and activity logging.

2. ArchiOffice

This business management tool is designed explicitly for architects and combines various features: project planning, billing, office management, and others. It helps streamline process monitoring, organize work, and analyze critical business data. Customizable dashboards and flexible data visualization options allow configuring the tool to any business needs.

3. ArchiSnapper

ArchiSnapper is created for onsite work management. It helps observing, making notes, and generating reports about performed works. To simplify this process even more, the tool allows to create template checklists and blueprints, and create new reports on the basis of previously created ones. ArchiSnapper securely uploads all data to the cloud and provides sharing and collaboration options. The data can also be complemented with pictures taken with a mobile device to store everything in one place.

4. Xledger

Xledger is a cloud ERP system that provides workflow automation, budgeting and planning features. With its scalability and configurability, it meets the needs of most architectural and construction companies without additional customizations. Its main advantage is unification of business management, accounting and project planning features: it helps avoid integration pain and additional costs, which is essential for small architectural bureaus and businesses.

5. ArchSmarter

Actually, ArchSmarter is not a single tool, but rather a set of tools that help architects and designers work smarter, increase productivity, and structure their activities. Saving time is important for smaller businesses and individual architects who often have to perform all activities from actual design to project management. They’d also appreciate free macros, templates and add-ons for special architect tools.

6. GoodDay Work

GoodDay is a project management software tool that automates work management and data analysis. It includes features for transparent process organization, automatic reporting, and data visualization. It helps overview the big picture, boost collaboration, and increase employees’ involvement and productivity.

7. actiTIME

actiTIME is a simple and robust tool that combines work management and time-tracking features. Many architect and construction businesses use it as their work & time management solution because of its transparent work management process, easy timesheet submission, and informative reporting. It helps businesses of any size understand teams’ productivity, projects profitability and relevance of estimates — at an affordable price. What’s more, it includes billing and invoicing functionality that simplifies the financial aspect of project management.

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