Architecture : Aircraft Hanger Tensile Structure Lucknow – ferrari fabric – Medium

Ekra designs Tensile Structures Air Craft Hanger in India with high arch roof that spans from18m to 50m.

Our product provides enough space for parking your helicopter and aircraft while offering superior insulation from the harsh weather conditions. With its strong aluminum body and fire-retardant PVC fabric cover, our Tensile Structures Air Craft Hanger work efficiently and stand erect at a high wind speed up to 100km/h.

Our aluminum and PVC Tensile Structures Air Craft Hanger in Lucknow are highly mobile, virtually maintenance-free and offer superior insulation to your aircrafts in a cost-effective way. Our products have a shelf-life of 20 years, so you can buy, install and forget about renewing the shed for next two decades. Now that’s what we call a good bargain!

Our 60 m long Tensile Structures Air Craft Hanger in Lucknow provide a low-cost maintenance base that can easily shelter a small private jet or a helicopter or perhaps provide multiple or single bay facility to your aircrafts. Depending on the specifications of your aircraft, we can adjust the roof height and can provide floors and doors, too! We also provide installation guidance if you are setting up a hangar tent for the first-time.

Our Product Specialty

  • Highest -Quality Construction
  • Flexible Capacity
  • Modular and easily transportable
  • Cost-effective


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