Architecture : A Letter To A Successful Architecture Blogger (that I didn’t end up sending)

Hi Geoff,

I’ve just quit my job — I’m one of the many (or few) aspiring architect students that got tired of his/her job.

Call me naive but I didn’t sign up to architecture for money; if I did want money I’d have pursued something else.

So, here’s the thing; I’m starting a blog and potentially with another friend. Seeing as you were the first result in my “must read architecture blogs” search; I wanted to see if you would be generous enough to offer me some advice.

I’m starting this blog because I don’t want to be so negative and pessimistic about my current context — Sydney, Australia. I can go on and on about how dull this city is and how it’s turning into another pile of shit but I decided I would rather channel my energy into something creative.

The pitch for my blog is basically to speak frankly about the often unnoticed beauties and potential opportunities my city posses. My friend and I will be posting a topic on a fortnightly basis about the differences between Sydney and Melbourne (he lives in Melbourne) as personally experienced by ourselves.

My hopes is that it produces an audience for me as I much desire to attract clients who are interested in our approach to seeing the world. I guess this is the typical “millennial” cry for attention; but I am desperately genuine.

Going back to my resignation; I was simply frustrated that 70+ people were pouring a portion of their day to day lives into feeding the corporate agenda. Again; call me naive I really don’t care. I would rather be passionate about what I originally signed up for now than sell my soul for something that has made me miserable for the past two and a half years.

Apologies if this sounds like a rant; it is.

I may not get a reply; but this has been therapeutic for me actually and I would like to thank you regardless. However your opinion/encouragement/praise/criticism will be much appreciated.

PS: I may have had a few drinks whilst typing this; I really don’t care.

Take care.


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